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Unity render queue numbers

\$\begingroup\$ I used steps from a YouTube video to create my video player with a render texture using a Sprites/Default shader. The tint color is white. If I change the color or the alpha I no longer see the video. The shader material takes on what the last image on the player is.

June 11, 2022. 5,904. AR Camera GYRO 📱🤳🏾 Augmented Reality for UnityUnity Asset. Watch on. AR Camera Lite — Unity Asset that uses Back/Rear Camera & Motion Sensor (Gyroscope or Accelerometer) on the player’s mobile device to display 2D.

First thing, Shader Graph does not give any explicit control over the Render Queue, only implicit based on the rendering mode drop down: Opaque (uses queue 2000, aka Geometry) and Transparent (uses queue 3000). Ideally opaque objects using a non 1.0 alpha threshold should be using the AlphaTest queue (2450), but that doesn't appear to be the case.

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However there are well defined ranges which have a distinct meaning. Have a look at this page where the different render queue "groups" / ranges are explained: Background = 1000 Geometry = 2000 AlphaTest = 2450 Transparent = 3000 Overlay = 4000 The important thing is the number 2500. All queues from 0 - 2500 are considered opaque. 2022. 1. 7. · Unity NavMeshAgent参数及API 2021-09-11; OpenDataSOurce 指定参数 2021-11-05; unity---gameScreen 的Stats参数 2021-06-19; unity, 在材质上指定render queue 2022-01-26; Unity AssetBundle 指定AssetLabel打包 AssetBundleBuild 2022-06-27; Unity带参数的协程 2022-06-29 【Unity】Audio 相关参数 2021-12-07; unity profiler参数.

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2022. 7. 26. · When you upgrade a project to HDRP version 14.x, the Ground Color and Ground Emission textures of the PBR Sky might appear incorrectly. To fix this, flip both Textures on the x axis. The Alpha to Mask option does not exist in HDRP version 14.x. Instead, this version enables the Alpha to Mask behavior by default when you enable MSAA.

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